About Me

Audio-phile. Used to be radio-active. I tell tales - some tall, some short. He/him.

I'm an independent audio creator. Ex-radio person. English, Hindi, and Marathi voiceover artiste for hire.

Check out my blog. Or check out the other stuff I've written. I like tinkering with code.


Shrikant is a seasoned veteran of the Indian radio industry who LOVES telling stories. His medium-of-choice is audio and he's written and produced all kinds of audio over the years - from shock-jock humor to serious stories about gritty human lives, from interview-based chat shows to scripted non-fiction narrative shows. His most recent production is a 12-episode audio series called "Mano Gyanic" in Hinglish and he occasionally makes episodes for his podcast - "The Covid H________ Project".

Having spent eight years entertaining the people of Pune as a super-popular radio show host every weekday evening, Shrikant is familiar with the entire process of producing audio - from inception to deployment. Not only will he help you come up with a perfect idea but he will also navigate the entire process of ensuring the idea comes to full fruition. He is partial to the pre-production and production stages of the process.

In his free time, Shrikant loves spending time with family and listening to non-fiction podcasts that are NOT of the true crime variety. He likes taking long walks on the beach but, sadly, there are no beaches where he lives...